USSTRATCOM Global Operations Center (GOC)

March 14, 2017

The Global Operations Center, or GOC, is the nerve center for United States Strategic Command, responsible for the global situational awareness of the Commander, USSTRATCOM, and the mechanism by which he exercises operational command and control of the Nation's global strategic forces. Housed in a specially designed, two-level, 14,000-square-foot reinforced concrete and steel structure, the GOC contains the critical information management and communication systems which provide the USSTRATCOM commander an assured capability to manage forces worldwide. In time of war, the GOC can be isolated, an emergency power supply allowing continuous operations without outside support for an extended period of time. Electromagnetic pulse protection is provided for critical command, control and communications equipment as well as supporting utilities. This capability allows the commander to continuously exercise command over USSTRATCOM forces, even in the disturbed electromagnetic environment, which could follow a nuclear attack.

During periods of increased world tension the Global Operations Center is fully staffed. The commander and members of the senior staff operate as a battle staff from the Commander's Situation Room, also known as the CSR or SitRoom, which acts as an extension of the GOC.

Workstation consoles provide the battle staff state-of-the-art secure and non-secure voice communications and data management systems. Each battle staff member has access to information essential to decision-making and management of the command's forces. Support battle staff members work with an advanced data processing system that allows them to generate real-time updates for decision makers.

The Global Operations Center's display and briefing support system provides capabilities ranging from video teleconferencing to a complete knowledge wall reflective of the current global situation.

The Global Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Watch teams constantly monitor the world for strategic threats to the United States or its allies. Strategic assessments are combined with inputs from national intelligence and regional combatant commanders to provide the team with indications that could initiate adaptive planning and course of action development. This information is provided to the commander and other decision-making authorities. Based on Presidential orders, the GOC will execute global strike missions or send emergency action messages to the strategic nuclear forces.

In the event that the Global Operations Center becomes disabled, control of strategic forces may be passed to the Airborne Command Post, which is crewed and ready to launch 24 hours a day, ensuring a survivable command and control platform for the Commander.