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JFCC SPACE, 14th Air Force gets new commander 12/11/2008
Lt. Gen. Larry James assumed command of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space and 14th Air Force in a change-of-command ceremony at the Joint Space Operations Center here Tuesday
Air Force "moving in right direction" on nuclear program, Gates says 10/30/2008
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates pointed to broad initiatives within the Air Force he said are helping to return its nuclear mission to "the standards of excellence for which it was known throughout the entire Cold War."
Defense Department Launches New Advertising Campaign 10/20/2008
The Department of Defense announced its latest national television advertising campaign today, "Conversations," which asks parents to have an open dialogue with sons and daughters who are exploring military service as an option
Inspire or retire: new USSTRATCOM Command Chief defines options 7/17/2008
Chief Master Sergeant Thomas S. Narofsky, the senior enlisted advisor at United States Strategic Command as of June 27, is inspiring the members of the command
Commander of U.S. Strategic Command visits Top of the World 7/3/2008
"This trip was as unique as going into space," said Gen. Kevin Chilton, commander of U.S. Strategic Command at the end of his whirlwind Thule Air Base tour July 1-2.
USSTRATCOM Fleet Master Chief wraps up 34 years of service 6/30/2008
U.S. Strategic Command bid farewell to U.S. Navy Fleet Master Chief William N. Nissen today during a retirement ceremony which celebrated his nearly three-and a half decades of military service
USSTRATCOM senior enlisted leader retires 6/24/2008
U.S. Strategic Command will conduct a retirement ceremony for Master Chief William N. Nissen on June 27 at 10:30 a.m
STRATCOM Units Win Prestigious Award - The Omaha Trophy 6/24/2008
The Omaha Trophy is presented annually to U.S. Strategic Command units demonstrating the highest standards of performance
General defines USSTRATCOM vision, views on mission 5/22/2008
During Gen. Kevin P. Chilton's first U.S. Strategic Command commander's call Tuesday at the Benny Davis Maintenance Facility, he unveiled the new USSTRATCOM vision
GISC interns analyze, propose solutions to real-world issues 5/1/2008
Twelve Global Innovation and Strategy Center (GISC) interns unveiled the outcomes of a four-month study designed to develop solutions addressing topics of national interest during a presentation in the U.S. Strategic Command Theater Monday
First Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite goes operational 4/29/2008
A new satellite is circling the Earth. The Wideband Global SATCOM (Satellite Communications) satellite is a reality. This is the most powerful communications satellite in the Department of Defense inventory
USSTRATCOM commander unveils new shield, mission, vision for command 4/28/2008
Gen. Kevin Chilton, commander of United States Strategic Command, met with his Joint Functional Component Commanders here April 23 and 24 and included the group in the unveiling of a new shield inlaid on the command building's floor
Best of the Best 3/6/2008
USSTRATCOM 2007 Annual Award winners were announced during a ceremony at the Offutt Club February 29
Ready to Respond 2/25/2008
A team of more than 130 military and civilian personnel throughout the U.S. Government were postured to recover debris and conduct consequence management operations following the Feb. 20 shoot down of a non-functional satellite
Joint Effort Made Satellite Success Possible 2/25/2008
More than two dozen federal agencies collaborated to shoot down a non-functional National Reconnaissance Office satellite Feb. 20, or to contend with the potential consequences of the satellite