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Sailor shares recipe for success with high school students 12/14/2011
Students at Bellevue West High School's culinary class received some food for thought after a Sailor shared his success story as a servicemember and personal chef to one of U.S. Strategic Command's top leaders Dec. 12.
Airman brings space to ground forces 12/7/2011
Satellite communications and Global Positioning Systems are common battlefield tools for U.S. and coalition forces in today's overseas contingency operations.
Volunteerism benefits community, builds camaraderie 11/29/2011
Some servicemembers work hard building structures with loud rattling power tools, others deliver home-cooked meals to elderly strangers who could use a helping hand, while others choose to mentor impressionable youth who need strong role models to look up to.
Cyber, space symposium academic sessions engage younger generations 11/23/2011
The 2011 U.S. Strategic Command Cyber and Space Symposium welcomed approximately 150 students and teachers from Nebraska and Iowa area high schools who participated in cyber and space related academic sessions Nov. 16 and 17.
Cyber and Space Symposium explores challenges, opportunities 11/21/2011
The 2011 U.S. Strategic Command Cyber and Space Symposium kicked off Nov. 15 at the CenturyLink Center in downtown Omaha with discussions highlighting the evolving nature of cyber and space capabilities and the rippling effects of their technological advancement through military, industrial and domestic applications.
USSTRATCOM inching closer to CFC goal as campaign nears end 11/8/2011
Every year the Combined Federal Campaign provides government workers the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause of their choice, but for some it's a little more personal.
Five members of USSTRATCOM receive prestigious NOAA award 11/1/2011
Five members of United States Strategic Command and its Joint Functional Component Command for Space were a part of a ground-breaking team awarded the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Administrator Award in October.
New directorate streamlines joint reserve corps 10/28/2011
U.S. Strategic Command designated a new directorate dedicated to streamlining joint reserve forces to meet the command's mission needs.
STRATCOM Chief Discusses U.S. Nuclear Triad 10/19/2011
While 10 years of war have focused the military on conventional weapons, the nation's nuclear force is in need of attention, a senior officer told defense reporters yesterday.
Cyber Command Builds 'Cyber Warrior' Capabilities 9/27/2011
Recognizing there's no cookie-cutter formula for a "cyber warrior," the outgoing chief of staff at U.S. Cyber Command said the strong, diverse capabilities already in place will provide the foundation for the military's professional cyber corps
USSTRATCOM's JNWC Participates in USPACOM's Northern Edge 2011 Exercise 9/23/2011
You're all alone, stranded in the Arctic tundra, cut off from the rest of your don't know if you can trust the navigation data coming from your Global Positioning System receiver...what do you do? Where would you begin to look for help?
Sailors celebrate, educate with Omaha Navy Week 9/13/2011
Sailors assigned to U.S. Strategic Command ensure mission success through crucial day-to-day operations, yet despite their critical role, the Navy's presence isn't always felt here in Omaha due to the relatively small number of Sailors assigned here.
STRATCOMs J9 interns seek solutions for information sharing 8/24/2011
A team of seven college students chosen to participate in the Mission Analysis and Outreach Division's intern program presented their findings on ways to improve information sharing Aug. 18 in the U.S. Strategic Command theater.
STRATCOMs new senior enlisted leader hits ground running 8/22/2011
When meeting Command Sgt. Maj. Patrick Alston, U.S. Strategic Command's new senior enlisted leader for the first time you'll be greeted with a warm smile, a firm handshake and a highly motivated, no-nonsense attitude.
Command Chief reflects on lifetime of service 8/18/2011
When Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Narofsky was an Air Force trainee in basic training in 1983, he found a page in his study guide that showed the estimated timeline for making each rank and wrote the number 15 next to chief.
Air Force Prepares to Launch DARPA Hypersonic Vehicle 8/9/2011
The second flight of the Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2, developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is scheduled to launch Wednesday at 7 a.m. PDT from Space Launch Complex 8 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., aboard a Minotaur IV Lite rocket.
Deterrence Symposium brings nuclear debate to the forefront 8/5/2011
The 2011 U.S. Strategic Command Deterrence Symposium commenced Aug. 3 and 4 promoting thoughtful discussion and debate on "21st Century Deterrence Challenges," the theme of this year's forum.
Second SBIRS GEO Satellite Successfully Completes Final Segment of Baseline Integrated System Test 7/28/2011
The U.S. Air Force's second Space Based Infrared Systems geosynchronous satellite successfully completed Baseline Integrated System Test recently at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company in Sunnyvale, Calif.
Successful Global Positioning System IIF-2 Launch from Cape Canaveral AFS 7/16/2011
The U.S. Air Force successfully launched GPS IIF-2 Space Vehicle Number (SVN) 63 carried aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Medium rocket at 2:41 a.m. EDT today from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.
GPS Satellite Achieves 20 Years On-orbit 7/6/2011
GPS Block IIA-11 (SVN-24), built by Boeing (formerly Rockwell Corporation), was launched on July 4, 1991 and set healthy to navigation and timing users on Aug. 31, 1991.
Global Positioning System IIF-2 Satellite Scheduled to Launch July 15 7/4/2011
The launch of a Delta IV Medium rocket carrying the GPS IIF-2 payload for the Air Force, previously scheduled for Thursday, is being postponed 24 hours to allow the GPS spacecraft team time to complete assessment and coordination of satellite readiness to launch.
Message to the DoD from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta 7/1/2011
Message to the DoD from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.
Successful Launch of ORS-1 from NASA Wallops Flight Facility 6/30/2011
The U.S. Air Force successfully launched the first Operationally Responsive Space prototype satellite aboard a Minotaur I launch vehicle at 11:09 p.m. EDT yesterday from Pad 0B at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Va. ORS-1 deployed 12 minutes after launch.
STRATCOM Deputy Commander tours Minot, presents Omaha Trophies 6/17/2011
Thunderous cheers and applause from Minot's Airmen reverberated with pride inside the Dock 1 hangar as Vice Adm. Cecil Haney, U.S. Strategic Command deputy commander, and Mark Theisen, Strategic Command Consultation Committee member, awarded the Air Force's only nuclear capable dual-wing base with Omaha Trophies June 15.
Navy Admiral Challenges Cadets to Reach for the Stars 6/15/2011
Junior ROTC cadets, faculty, and staff from two publicly funded military high schools, along with a group of influential civic leaders, were provided an opportunity to engage with a three-star Navy Admiral from Offutt Air Force Base, Neb. here on June 13.
USSTRATCOM Airman Nominated for 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year 6/13/2011
Senior Master Sgt. David Newman, Knowledge Operations Management Flight superintendent, J3 Global Operations Directorate here, was recently nominated as one of the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year in the senior NCO category.
Eighth Air Force Change of Command 5/31/2011
Maj. Gen. Floyd Carpenter will relinquish command of Eighth Air Force (Air Forces Strategic) and Joint Functional Component for Global Strike, U.S. Strategic Command, Offutt AFB, Neb., to Brig. Gen. Steve Wilson during a change-of-command ceremony June 3 at 10 a.m. at Hoban Hall on Barksdale Air Force Base.
White House Launches U.S. International Cyber Strategy 5/17/2011
White House officials yesterday launched a strategy that the administration says unifies U.S. engagement with international partners on a range of cyber issues for the first time
Four Military Units Win Prestigious Omaha Trophy 4/18/2011
Gen. C. Robert Kehler, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command here, recently announced the 2010 Omaha Trophy winners, an honor awarded annually to military units demonstrating the highest performance standards in USSTRATCOM's mission areas.
STRATCOM familiar face heads toward new chapter in life 3/30/2011
Behind the glass doors at U.S. Strategic Command's command section, the sound of ringing phones, the clanking of keyboard keys, and conversations amongst personnel resonate intermittently and at various degrees of urgency. For Carrie Hohler, making sense of this organized chaos is all in a day's work and she wouldn't have it any other way.
STRATCOM honors best in command 3/11/2011
The United States Strategic Command honored its best during the 2010 Annual Awards Banquet held downtown March 4.
JFCC-Space commander highlights need for improved space situational awareness 2/23/2011
Lt. Gen. Susan Helms, commander of U.S. Strategic Command's Joint Functional Component Command for Space, returned Feb. 1, from a two-day trip to Tel-Aviv, Israel, that included a keynote speech and meetings with Israeli military leaders.
Lynn Urges Partnership Against Cyber Threat 2/15/2011
Government and industry must work more closely together to counter the growing threat to the nation's cyber networks, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III told information technology professionals.
VA invites community to thank, visit Veterans 2/8/2011
Citizens young and old are encouraged and invited to join the VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System (NWIHCS) in honoring our veterans, and learning more about VA's volunteer program during the National Salute to Veteran Patients week, Feb. 13 to 19.
STRATCOM welcomes new commander 1/28/2011
Gen. C. Robert "Bob" Kehler took the reins as the commander of U.S. Strategic Command during a change of command ceremony here today.
Kehler Succeeds Chilton as Strategic Command Chief 1/28/2011
Air Force Gen. Kevin P. Chilton passed the flag of U.S. Strategic Command to Air Force Gen. C. Robert Kehler today, giving the nation's nuclear deterrent mission a new commander
Former astronaut takes Helm of 14th AF, JFCC-Space 1/28/2011
The men and women of the 14th Air Force and Joint Functional Component Command for Space, or JFCC-Space, welcome a new commander
Navy MUSE team helps power USSTRATCOM 1/26/2011
When a broken water main flooded the boiler room of the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters building here on Dec. 20, it caused quite a few electrical, cooling, heating and potable water issues for the 50-plus-year-old facility.
U.S. Strategic Command Change of Command 1/26/2011
U.S. Strategic Command will welcome Gen. C. Robert "Bob" Kehler, USAF, as its new commander during a change of command ceremony at Offutt AFB, Jan. 28, 2011 at 10 a.m. (CST) located at the Allman Facility.
Commander, US Strategic Command Addresses Kings Bay Submariners 1/24/2011
Commander, U.S. Strategic Command held an all hands call aboard Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Ga., Jan. 19.
50th Space Wing completes Phase 1 of E24 1/19/2011
The 50th Space Wing is pleased to announce the completion of phase one of a two phase Global Positioning System constellation expansion known as "Expandable 24."
Gates: Chinese taking strategic dialogue proposal seriously 1/11/2011
The Chinese are taking an American proposal to hold a strategic dialogue between the two countries seriously, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said.
Air Force Space Command welcomes new commander 1/6/2011
Air Force Space Command members welcomed their new commander during a change of command ceremony here Jan. 5
AFSPC change of command live broadcast 1/3/2011
Air Force Space Command will hold a change of command ceremony Jan. 5.