NEWS | March 2, 2010

Global Positioning System Continues Improvement Initiative

By Air Force Space Command

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - Building on the January 2010 upgrade to the GPS ground control segment, Air Force Space Command will be installing another software release primarily designed to support the pending mid-2010 launch of the first GPS IIF space vehicle.

""Unlike the January release, known as Architecture Evolution Plan (AEP) 5.5C, this release, known as 5.5D, does not affect any user interfaces, and therefore should be transparent to the end user,"" said Col. David Buckman, Chief, Positioning, Navigation and Timing Division, AFSPC Directorate of Requirements. ""To ensure such transparency, the software upgrade has undergone rigorous testing and will be monitored very closely by Air Force Space Command to ensure it performs as expected.

""AFSPC has led the charge to improve military and civil navigation capabilities to ensure GPS remains the gold standard for position, navigation, and timing service worldwide,"" added Colonel Buckman. ""We are confident that this improvement initiative will continue the Air Force's commitment to the global community of GPS users. ""

Civilians experiencing any anomalies should contact the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center at 703-313-5900. Military end users who experience any anomalies should contact the 50th Space Wing's GPS Operations Center (GPSOC) at DSN 560-2541.

For more information contact AFSPC Public Affairs at 719-554-3731. To view an informational video on GPS, go to