Command Emblem


The history and legacy of strategic and space operations is represented in the U.S. Strategic Command emblem. The gauntlet is a symbol of strength, power, and loyalty and represents the command's partnership with science and industry. The lightning bolts symbolize lethality and speed while the olive branch is a constant reminder of the command's mission of securing the objectives of peace. The globe, as viewed from space, symbolizes the earth as being the origin and control point for all space vehicles and represents the command's span of operations. Encompassing the globe are orbital paths crossed diagonally, each bearing two polestars, detailed white, representing the command's satellite platforms and their worldwide coverage in accomplishing the intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communications, early warning, and navigation missions.

The various emblem colors represent the joint character and rigor of the command. Green represents the command's land-based strategic and space command and control infrastructure. The blue command designation band represents the command's air-based and responsive ballistic missile force, agile bomber assets, aerial refueling, reconnaissance aircraft, and airborne command platforms. The emblem's design is surrounded by a gold braid, which represents a nautical theme to recognize the command's survivable sea-based ballistic submarine forces. The two sets of four silver stars between the lettering represent the command's leadership as well as the fusion of the four armed services into a unified command with a strategic global perspective.

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(Current as of July 2018)