USSTRATCOM deters strategic attack and employs forces, as directed, to guarantee the security of our nation and our allies.


As a global warfighting combatant command, USSTRATCOM delivers a dominant strategic force and innovative team to maintain our Nation’s enduring strength, prevent and prevail in great power conflict, and grow the intellectual capital to forge 21st century strategic deterrence.


  • Above all else, we will provide Strategic Deterrence
  • If deterrence fails, we are prepared to deliver a Decisive Response
  • We will do this with a resilient, equipped and trained Combat-Ready Force

Commander's Intent

USSTRATCOM's campaign sets conditions across the globe as the ultimate guarantor of national and allied security. USSTRATCOM's forces and capabilities underpin and enable all other Joint Force operations. We will pursue the command's objectives of deterring aggression and coercion, enhancing alliances and partnerships, enhancing readiness today and delivering the force of the future in these ways:
  • Be Ready to Man Battle Stations: Strategic deterrence is the foundation to our survival as a Nation. The men and women of USSTRATCOM must be ready, at a moment’s notice, to execute our mission and, if required, be prepared to deliver a decisive response.
  • Follow the Shots: USSTRATCOM is focused precisely on our objectives as a global warfighting command. We must maintain our momentum and complete the initiatives that will keep us on this trajectory and guarantee a resilient, equipped, and trained combat‐ready force.
  • Forge 21st Century Strategic Deterrence: USSTRATCOM is home to the critical mass of the nation’s intellectual capital on strategic deterrence. In addition to our nuclear legacy, we must continue building an adaptive global warfighting command that anticipates challenges to deterring strategic attack in all domains.

Link: Command Video

(Current as of May 2020)