Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do I file a FOIA request with USSTRATCOM?

Submit a written request to the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) FOIA Requester Service Center.

There is no prescribed format for submitting requests. However, certain information is required as outlined in the information regarding requests.

Q. Does USSTRATCOM maintain or control access to former Strategic Air Command (SAC) records?

No. USSTRATCOM is not a successor to SAC. SAC was an Air Force Command. When SAC stood down in May of 1992, it was part of a larger Air Force reorganization. The disestablishment of Military Airlift Command (MAC) and Tactical Air Command (TAC) was also part of that reorganization. The forces from the three commands were redistributed to two new Air Force Commands, Air Combat Command (ACC) and Air Mobility Command (AMC). The standup of USSTRATCOM was separate from the Air Force organization. Headquarters, United States Air Force, or a subordinate Air Force command, such as Air Force Global Strke Command, should process requests for former SAC records.

Q. Does USSTRATCOM maintain centrally located files?

No. Files are maintained in offices having functional responsibility for the type of record being requested. Consequently, an accurate definition of records requested is very helpful.

Q. May I submit questions as a FOIA request?

Federal Agencies are not required to answer questions, render opinions, or provide subjective evaluations. A record must exist and be in possession and control of the DoD at the time the FOIA request is received. Federal Agencies are not required to create records in response to a FOIA request.

Q. Who may file a FOIA request?

Any person, including a member of the public (U. S. or foreign citizen/entity), an organization, or a business, but not including a Federal Agency or a fugitive from the law, that either explicitly or implicitly invokes the FOIA, DoD Directive 5400.7.

Q. As a member of the military (active or reserve) or as a Federal Government Civilian Employee, may I use Government facilities to submit a FOIA request?

No. FOIA requests are a personal matter. As such you may not use Government time, equipment or facilities.

Q. To whom do I address any questions concerning the status of my FOIA Request?

For requests pertaining to USSTRATCOM records, contact or send your inquiry to the USSTRATCOM FOIA Requester Service Center:

U.S. Postal Mailing Address:
Offutt AFB NE 68113

Telephone: (402) 294-6321
FAX: (402) 294-7535
Electronic Mail: