Checking In

Active Duty Personnel Checking Into USSTRATCOM

Personnel newly assigned to USSTRATCOM can contact the Joint Force Sustainment Branch at (402) 912-1007 or DSN 912-1007 for information on reporting procedures, administrative questions, etc.

In case of an emergency, contact the Battle Watch Commander at (402) 271-1800

Requirements for inprocessing


  • Orders
  • DA 31
  • Medical/Dental Records
  • Last NCOER/OER
  • Last APFT/Weapons Qualification Scorecard
  • Travel Voucher (DDFORM 1351-2)
  • Authorization to change BAH


  • Orders
  • Page 2/SGLI
  • Medical/Dental Records
  • TLE Reciepts (Travel Lodging Expenses)
  • EFT Account / Routing Numbers (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Vehicle Tag Numbers

Air Force

Monday 1000; Wednesday 0900; Friday 1000

  • Orders
  • Medical/Dental Records

Marine Corps

Points of contact are available on the MARFORSTRAT site

  • Web/PCS Orders
  • TLE Receipts (Temporary Lodging Expense)
  • If applicable, CNA (Certificate of Non-Availability)

Guard & Reserve Personnel Checking Into USSTRATCOM

J10 Reserve Directorate, Joint Strategic Reserve Unit

The USSTRATCOM Reserve Directorate provides program and personnel management functions for all reserve units, centrally managed intelligence augmentees, and individual mobilization augmentees (IMAs) assigned to USSTRATCOM.



The majority of our positions are located at USSTRATCOM HQs, JFCC- Global Strike Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, NE; USCYBERCOM, Fort Meade, MD; JFCC Space, Vandenberg AFB, CA; JFCC- IMD, Schreiver AFB, CO; JFCC -ISR, Bolling AFB, Washington D.C. ; SCC-WMD, Fort Belvoir, VA; JWAC. Dahlgren, VA, and JIOWC,San Antonio, TX.


Mailing Address

Attn: (Indicate Service Component)
900 SAC Blvd, BLDG 1000 STE N1.166
Offutt AFB NE 68113-6800

Civilian Personnel Checking Into USSTRATCOM

Prior to reporting, member should contact their supervisor in their directorate. The supervisor can escort member to Civilian Personnel Policy, (N1.164, Room 164) at (402) 912-1066 or DSN 912-1066 for in-processing.