Academic Alliance Speaker Series

USSTRATCOM partners with the OSD Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) team to create an unclassified, open forum dial-in teleconference series for faculty, students and others to share their deterrence research.

This series improves our ability to engage simultaneously and frequently with many DA3 members and the wider community to encourage discussion and collaboration on deterrence and assurance research.

Future and Past Presentations


Fall 2019

Dr. Todd Sechser

University of Virginia

“Nuclear Use and Public Opinion”


23 August 2019

Dr. Damon Coletta

U.S. Air Force Academy

“Game Theory and Deterrence in the Second Nuclear Age”


31 May 2019

MAJ Andrew Webb, USA

John Hopkins SAIS

“Rethinking Strategy: A History of the Ends, Ways, Means Model”




29 May 2019

Dr. Joshua Kertzer

Harvard University

“Resolve in International Politics”


3 April 2019

Dr. Julia MacDonald

University of Denver, Korbel Institute

“How to Think about Nuclear Crises”



5 March 2019

Dr. Krista Langeland, RAND Corporation

“Exploring Space Deterrence: A Game Theoretic Model to Inform Future Strategies”




9 January 2019

Dr. Maorong Jiang

Creighton University

“A Win-Win Strategy to Transform North Korea”


12 December 2018

Dr. Dan Altman

Georgia State University

“Is Fait Accompli the Primary Challenge for Deterrence in the 21st Century?"


29 November 2018

Dr. Andrew Futter

University of Leicester

“Hacking the Bomb: Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons”


7 November 2018

Dr. Adam Stulberg & Dr. Lawrence Rubin

Georgia Tech

“The End of Strategic Stability? Nuclear Weapons and the Challenge of Regional Rivalries”


12 September 2018

Mr. John Warden, Institute for Defense Analysis

“Limited Nuclear War: The 21st Century Challenge for the United States”




22 August 2018

Dr. Jared Dunnmon

Stanford University

“NC2 in the 21st  Century: Maintaining Surety in Outer Space and Cyberspace”


16 August 2018

Dr. David Dorondo, Western Carolina University

“The US Army and Nuclear Deterrence, 1955-1991: A European Historical Context”


23 May 2018

Dr. Jackie Schneider

US Naval War College

"Cyber and Cross-Domain Deterrence"


17 April 2018

Ms. Kristin Ven Bruusgaard

Stanford, CISAC

"Russian Nuclear Strategy after the Cold War"


30 March 2018

Dr. Matt Kroening, Georgetown University

"The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy: Why Strategic Superiority Matters"


17 January 2018

Dr. Erik Gartzke, University of California San Diego

Dr. Rupal Mehta, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“Force Structure Impacts on Deterrence”


5 December 2017

Dr. Erik Gartzke,

University of California San Diego

“Myths (and Truths?) About Cyberwar”


November 2017

Dr. Matthew Fuhrmann

Texas A&M University

“Coercive Diplomacy and Nuclear Deterrence”


11 October 2017

Dr. Steffen Schmidt

Iowa State University

“Is There Such a Thing as Cyber Deterrence and What is it?"