NEWS | Jan. 18, 2018

USSTRATCOM Tours Strategic Deterrent Force at Bangor

By MC2 Nancy diBenedetto Commander, Submarine Group 9

During his time on base, Hyten visited Submarine Group 9; Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific Fleet; the Trident Training Facility and the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735).

"It was an honor to host the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command for a tour aboard the mighty war ship USS Pennsylvania today," said Cmdr. Hans Fosser, Pennsylvania's commanding officer. "It was good for him to see the good work the crew of the Pennsylvania does in preparation to go out on strategic deterrent patrol."

Prior to the submarine tour, Hyten met with more than 350 Sailors, Marines and civilians during an all-hands call at the base theater.

"I am just here for two reasons," said Hyten. "I am here to learn from you, and I'm here to say thank you. I'm here to say thank you, because you do the most critical mission that our nation asks. You are the strategic deterrent force of the United States of America."

Hyten went on to discuss the USSTRATCOM mission as it impacts the Sailors and Marines in the submarine community. USSTRATCOM employs tailored nuclear, cyber, space, global strike, joint electronic warfare, missile defense, and intelligence capabilities. Hyten said those capabilities deter aggression, decisively respond if deterrence fails, assure allies, shape adversary behavior, defeat terror and define the force of the future.

Seaman Electronics Technician Navigation (Submarines) Seaman Hunter Swackhammer, assigned to Pennsylvania's Gold Crew, said after Hyten's tour, "It was an eye-opening experience having such a high-ranking military official aboard the ship. It was amazing to be able show him what we do and how we prepare as an individual part of the strategic command to go to sea."

USSTRATCOM is responsible for global command and control of US strategic forces to meet decisive national security objectives, providing a broad range of strategic capabilities and options for the President and Secretary of Defense.

Subordinate to Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Commander, Submarine Group 9 exercises administrative command and control authority for assigned Trident fleet ballistic and cruise missile submarines and subordinate commands and units in the Pacific Northwest. Subordinate commands include Submarine Squadrons 17 and 19 and Naval Submarine Support Center, Bangor.