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News | Oct. 19, 2020

U.S. Strategic Command Kicks Off Exercise GLOBAL THUNDER

By U.S. Strategic Command Public Affairs U.S. Strategic Command

Every year U.S. Strategic Command executes its annual nuclear command and control exercise Global Thunder, and this year, even with COVID 19, is no different.

Global Thunder 21 will focus on realistic training activities against simulated targets to ensure and improve nuclear readiness and strategic deterrent capabilities.

This exercise provides training opportunities in all USSTRATCOM mission areas, with a specific focus on nuclear readiness. This exercise employs global operations in coordination with other combatant commands, services, appropriate U.S. government agencies, and allies to deter, detect and , if necessary, defeat strategic attacks against the United States and its allies.

Global Thunder 21 also involves allied personnel from Australia and the United Kingdom. Allied personnel integrate into senior leadership teams and work across a broad spectrum of areas, offering public affairs and policy support, as well as deterrence and information operations insight.

USSTRATCOM has global responsibilities that include strategic deterrence, nuclear operations, joint electromagnetic spectrum operations, global strike, missile defense, and analysis and targeting.

For more information, contact the USSTRATCOM Public Affairs Office at 402-912-0020 or or visit