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News | June 30, 2021

U.S. Strategic Command explores ways to increase JEMSO planning

By Rachel Kibbe Williams U.S. Strategic Command

U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) sponsored a Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (JEMSO) table top exercise (TTX), in Suffolk, Virginia, June 29 through July 1. The TTX focused on furthering the integration of JEMSO into the war-gaming construct and its role in supporting Joint Task Force situational awareness, deception actions, and integrated multi-domain superiority against a near-peer threat in a 2030 scenario.

“These table top exercises allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of current modeling and simulation tools on our support to EMS environment assessment, “ said Brig. Gen. AnnMarie K. Anthony, Deputy Director for Operations for Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations and the Mobilization Assistant to the Director of Operations at USSTRATCOM. “They help us understand how to best structure war-games technically and procedurally so the Joint Force is able to account for, assess, and inform JEMSO concepts of operations and tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

Multiple combatant commands and agencies participated, including USINDOPACOM, USAFRICOM, USEUCOM, USCENTCOM, USSPACECOM, USSOCOM, NRO, HQ USMC, and Fleet Cyber Command.

The Joint Warfighting Concept Version 1.0, published last month by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, highlighted Space Operations, Cyberspace Operations, and EMS Operations as critical capabilities the Joint Force would leverage in a 2030 conflict. 

USSTRATCOM’s Advanced Warfare cell established the framework for this TTX.  Data contributed to the TTX by the range of participants will further inform USSTRATCOM’s understanding on what the priority and fundamental needs are to better represent JEMSO in modeling and war-gaming.

USSTRATCOM’s Capability and Resource Integration department started an effort in FY20 to advance modeling tools and analysis to better understand and assess the effects of contested EMS on the warfighter at the campaign-level, with an objective to enhance decision support at USSTRATCOM and across the DOD.

“With help from the JEMSO community and this TTX, USSTRATCOM will be able to capture those key JEMSO actions, both Blue and Red, that need to be accounted for in missions integral to a theater campaign,” said Anthony.

Last year, USSTRATCOM participated in a war-game organized by Joint Staff J7 in support of the Joint Warfighting Concept (JWC) and identified the need to increase JEMSO accounting and adjudicating in the war-game construct.