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News | March 7, 2022

GBSD coming to F.E. Warren

By Airman Faith Iris MacIlvaine 90th Missile Wing Public Affairs

F.E. Warren Air Force Base is scheduled to become home to the new ICBM weapons system, the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent. 

GBSD will replace the aging Minuteman III ICBM system, enhancing the accuracy, security and reliability of the nuclear triad. It represents the modernization of a critical weapon system as Air Force Global Strike Command expands its capability.

 The replacement of the MMIII weapon system leverages updated technology applications, improving security, communications and maintenance of the weapon system, enabling safe, secure and effective ICBM systems through 2075.

Lt. Col. Eric Green, AFGSC A5F Program Integration Office Chief, plays a key role in the communication between senior leaders dealing with GBSD.

 “I am a liaison with direct communications back to the GBSD Site Activation Task Force to communicate issues and concerns expressed by the 90th Missile Wing and to ensure 90 MW senior leaders are kept apprised of ongoing GBSD actions,” Green explained. “I will also be responsible for de-conflicting weapon system deployment schedules and will facilitate the transition of launch facilities and launch centers from the contractor back to the base.”

 Over the next decade, AFGSC will experience an unprecedented era of transformation, according to Global Strike Command’s strategic vision. For the new weapon systems to seamlessly integrate into the field, AFGSC forces need to remain lethal and ready until the transition is completed.

 Col. Catherine Barrington, 90th Missile Wing commander, explains why GBSD is a ground-breaking part of history for F.E. Warren. 

 “Fielding the nation's next generation ICBM is a tremendous honor for our base. F.E. Warren was created in 1867 on the edge of the American frontier, and today we live on the edge of great power competition and our peer adversaries are modernizing their nuclear capabilities at a fast pace,” Barrington said. “It is our duty to our nation to lead the way in fielding this new system so we can continue to provide preeminent nuclear combat capability for our Nation.”

AFGSC and F.E. Warren are entering a new era of transformation and undergoing some of the biggest modernization efforts in decades simultaneously.

The GBSD program will affect Airmen for years to come.

“The nation's newest ICBM is vital to our ability to equip Strikers for the future fight. It is our honor to lead this effort and execute this program with speed, ingenuity and dedication. Our Airmen get to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to field our next ICBM - a unique event in any career and one that our Airmen will be proud of for a very long time,” Barrington said.

The current planned timeline for GBSD is represented in four phases:

Phase 1: Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction 2017-2020

Phase 2: Engineering & Manufacturing Development 2020-2026

Phase 3: Production and Deployment 2026-2037

Phase 4: Operations and Sustainment 2037-2075

“The whole world will be watching as we modernize the fleet with GBSD and operate MMIII at the same time, and our Airmen will write the next new chapter for our nation's ICBM capability,” Barrington said. “When the eyes of the world are watching, it's up to us to lead the way.”