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News | Sept. 7, 2022

Alert forces return with Offutt AFB runway reopening

By 55th Wing Public Affairs

They’re back!

With the reopening of the Offutt Air Force Base runway Oct. 1, 2022, alert forces return to base after 18 months away.

With the E-4B’s and E-6B’s 24/7, no-fail mission, alert crews may have to respond at a moment’s notice, and everyone on base has a support role to play.

“Their ability to respond quickly is vital to national security,” said Jeff Noe, 55th Wing Plans, Programs, and Requirements nuclear executive manager. “While not directly involved in the response, it is incumbent on everyone to ensure the alert crews can respond in a timely fashion.”

Alert crews have designated parking spots at facilities across the installation and multiple facilities have klaxons in place.

“When these systems are activated every member of the alert force will respond immediately,” Noe said. “It is our job to stay out of their way.”

During an alert, the 55th Wing Command Post will override base traffic lights, so if it seems as though the light is taking longer than normal to change, please be patient.

“Some of the alert vehicles are equipped with sirens, but all of them have lights,” Noe said.

Therefore, if you see an alert vehicle, please pull to the side of the road like you would for any emergency vehicle responding to an incident.