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News | Feb. 10, 2023

U.S. Strategic Command JEMSO Leaders Host Technical Interchange Meeting

By U.S. Strategic Command Public Affairs

Members of U.S. Strategic Command's Advanced Warfare Capabilities Division (J81) for Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Modeling and Simulation (M&S) hosted a Technical Interchange Meeting on Jan, 10-11, bringing together more than 40 M&S specialists from government, academia, and business to chart a course for the future of EMS campaign modeling, simulation, and analysis.

"Our task is to generate and iterate an effective EMS scheme of maneuver in a dynamic, contested operational environment," said Brig. Gen. AnnMarie Anthony, USSTRATCOM's Deputy Director of Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations. "

The two-day meeting aimed to address the need to improve EMS modeling by featuring briefings and discussions on current challenges and future capabilities, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.   

"There are issues with campaign-level modeling writ large that impact our ability to deliver timely analytic insights to senior leaders," said Tom Woods, USSTRATCOM's EMS campaign M&S lead, when discussing the need to incorporate EMS and information operations effects at the campaign level

One example for improving M&S and the timely delivery of insights to leadership is enlisting the help of gaming community leads like Unity Technologies, a global leader in the commercial gaming sector, which provided an overview of modeling capabilities that exist today.

"This is where the gaming industry, which is on the leading edge of multi-user modeling, can help," said Brig Gen Anthony.

However, bringing EMS and information operations into campaign modeling is only a part of the discussion.

"If we're going to be successful in any DOD operation, we have to have freedom of movement in the EMS – everyone uses, everyone relies on it. We can't be effective in today's operational environment unless we understand the EMS," said Col. Donald Mammano, USSTRATCOM's chief of the Global Integration Directorate. "We know what our plans are. We need to fully understand how those plans will stand up in a contested EMS environment."

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