NEWS | Nov. 18, 2009

Army developing global network

By Joshua Wick U.S. Army Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Nov. 17, 2009) -- In the future, Soldiers should be able to access the Army's global network anywhere in the world using capabilities similar to a Blackberry or iPhone, said the Army's chief information officer.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson, the Army's CIO/G-6, presented "Army Modernization and the Network" at the Association of the United States Army's Institute of Land Warfare breakfast series Nov. 12.

Sorenson talked about getting to a state, "where Soldiers would have universal access to the network, wherever they deploy, with a single e-mail, and a single phone number. "

"Global access is important," he said, "and clearly the network infrastructure needs to be there. "

Future network users should be able to use their Common Access Card for global access, he said, and the chip in the CAC would work similar to a Subscriber Identity Module or SIM card in a cell phone.

The Global Network Enterprise Construct will create a, "sustainable network capable of supporting an expeditionary Army," according to guidance from the chief of staff of the Army received March 2.

GNEC will help centralize LandWarNet from "many loosely-affiliated independent networks into a truly global capability that is designed, deployed, and managed as a single integrated enterprise," according to CIO/G6.

With this transformation, GNEC will refocus the outcome objectives, said Sorenson and will "operationalize LandWarNet, improve overall LWN security, realize economies and efficiencies, while improving effectiveness, and enable Army interoperability and collaboration with mission partners. "

"Challenges lie ahead," said Sorenson, however he added, with help through the application-certification process and doing front-end integration of application, everyone is going to see the network in the same way, he said.

"We got to make it easier" for the Soldier, he said.