NEWS | Dec. 3, 2012

20th Anniversary of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program

By National Defense University

On Monday, December 3, 2012, National Defense University hosted a symposium for government officials, Congressional representatives and experts to mark the 20th anniversary of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. Called "one of the most prescient pieces of legislation ever enacted” by The Wall Street Journal, the Nunn-Lugar Program was designed to safeguard and dismantle WMDs and their delivery systems in the former Soviet states. Twenty years after the legislation was enacted, the Nunn-Lugar Program is an engine of expertise and cooperation, applied around the world to reduce the risks posed by nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

The symposium brought together WMD experts and thought leaders from across government, Congress, academia, and the international community to discuss the evolution and future of the CTR program. It featured remarks by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and a moderated discussion with Senators Sam Nunn (D-Ga. , retired) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind. ). In addition, senior U.S. and international officials participated participate in panel discussions on how CTR can contribute to achieving international security goals. Watch video of Secretary Panetta's remarks on The Pentagon Channel.

President Barack Obama delivered the keynote address, noting "Missile by missile, warhead by warhead, shell by shell, we’re putting a bygone era behind us. Inspired by Sam Nunn and Dick Lugar, we’re moving closer to the future we seek. " Watch video of the President's remarks at

Source: 20th Anniversary of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program