NEWS | Oct. 17, 2007

SecDef installs Gen Chilton as new USSTRATCOM Commander


Gen. Kevin P. Chilton was ceremoniously installed as the new Commander of U.S. Strategic Command by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, here, today.

""I am confident that [Gen. Chilton] will be able to tackle the challenges ahead and build on the accomplishments of this command under General Cartwright,"" said Secretary Gates.

The secretary spoke during the ceremony, which acknowledged Air Force Gen. Kevin P. Chilton's assumption of duties as Commander. Gen. Chilton officially assumed command on October 3. "General Chilton is someone who has blazed trails for much of his career," said Gates.  

Secretary Gates said he knew the Pentagon needed Gen. Cartwright when they got wind of his USSTRATCOM programs and accomplishments. He said he knew it would be difficult to find his replacement.

""I believe we have found that person in General Chilton,"" said the Secretary of Defense. ""General Chilton has the right set of skills and experience to lead this command at this time. ""

General Chilton accepted his charge as new USSTRATCOM commander with humility.

""I am excited and proud and humbled to join this great team and our noble endeavor. ""

 ""We are called on to be the most responsive combatant command in the US arsenal,"" said General Chilton. ""Responsible today for providing the Secretary of Defense time-sensitive planning to conduct global strike operations anywhere on the planet and we are doing just that.""