Conference Proceedings:


“Addressing North Korean Nuclear Aggression: America’s Role in Deterrence and Assurance.”  (Noelle Troutman, University of Northern Iowa)

“Brexit, a Catalyst for an Integrated European Defence Force? A Limited Investigation Addressing European Union Common Security and Defence Policy Initiatives.”  (Murdoch Thomson, University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

“Cross-Domain Responses to Space Hybrid Provocations via Economic and Financial Statecraft.”  (Jana Robinson, PhD, Prague Security Studies Institute)

“Intelligence and Assurance: Israel’s Path to a Nuclear-Free Region.”  (Christopher J. Ferrero, PhD, Coastal Carolina University)

“International Treaties in Deterrence: How the INF is Failing.”  (Amanda Berman, University of Nebraska - Lincoln)  

“Perceptions, Assumptions, and Options in Deterrence Strategy and Response Policy.”  (Madi Schwenka and Kiera Welch, University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

“Points of Intervention: Combating the Financing of Violent Extremist Organizations.”  (Graham D. Conlon, University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

“The Draft Cyber-Articles on Digitalization of Human Rights.”  (Aleksandar Tashkovski, Saints Cyril and Methodius University - Skopje)

“The Influence of Atmospherics on Nuclear Deterrence.”  (Richard Koltas, University of Nebraska - Omaha)




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